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Construction Volunteer Opportunities

To date, Habitat for Humanity Charlotte has assisted over 1,200 families realize the dream of affordable homeownership! This would not be possible without the dedication and support of countless volunteers over the years. Habitat Charlotte offers volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups. Browse through the position descriptions below to determine which you are most interested in!  

I'm interested in INDIVIDUAL volunteer opportunities.
I'm interested in GROUP volunteer opportunities.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities:

General Construction

volcon1genFor individuals interested in a one-time Habitat project, or just volunteering occasionally. Don’t have construction experience?  Don't worry, you're not alone.  The vast majority of our volunteers are unskilled.  We have a site supervisor on each construction site who will give you instructions and help you get started.
Training Needed: Provided on-site
Time Commitment: As little or as often as you would like.


volcon2gotoThe Go-To Crew is a list of people who are willing to be contacted about last minute construction needs.
Training Needed:  Volunteer Orientation, On-site Training
Time Commitment: As little or often as you would like

Weekday Crew

volcon3weeklyWeekday Crew members choose one day per week as their regular volunteer day.  Tasks are assigned on Tuesday of each week.
Training Needed: Volunteer Orientation, On-site Training
Time Commitment: One day per week (we have a generous vacation policy though)

Site Host

volcon4hostThese ambassadors of Habitat spend several hours on a construction site greeting volunteers, and assisting with morning sign-in, tool distribution, and Habitat education.   Afterwards, they are welcome to join the work.
Training Needed:  Volunteer Orientation, 1-3 Staff Assisted Trainings
Time Commitment: Minimum one day every other month

Crew Leader

volcon5crewleaderCrew Leaders assist Habitat staff in leading volunteers in construction tasks on site.  Crew Leaders will lead small groups of 4-5 volunteers in a particular task.
Training Needed:  Volunteer Orientation, 3 Staff Assisted Trainings Specific to the Construction Task
Time Commitment: Minimum one day every other month


Group Volunteer Opportunities:

New Home

volcon6new(Groups of 8 - 25) The traditionally thought of Habitat model, constructing new homes; Work includes building walls, roofing, siding, drywall, painting, interior trim, building sheds, and finish work.

Existing Home

volcon7existing(Groups of 10-12) Focuses on transforming communities by filling vacant homes, often foreclosures; Work typically includes light repairs, flooring replacement, building sheds, painting, and cleaning. This also includes weatherization (making a house more energy efficient).

Critical Home Repair

volcon8repair(Groups of 8-12) Focuses on repairing the homes of families unable to repair them, either financially or physically; Work ranges from major roof and floor system replacement to minor repairs and painting. This also includes weatherization (making a house more energy efficient)