Neighborhood Revitalization

In 2007, Habitat Charlotte introduced the Critical Home Repair (HCHR) program to help eliminate substandard housing in Charlotte by addressing major health and safety issues in owner-occupied homes—a significant expansion of the “new homes” Habitat model. In 2010 Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) launched the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) and based it on Habitat Charlotte's Critical Home Repair model.

Habitat International designed the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI)—now referred to simply as 'Neighborhood Revitalization'—to help affiliates work to transform neighborhoods using a holistic approach – joining residents, nonprofits, businesses, local governments, and communities of faith to create and implement a shared vision of revitalization. Habitat affiliates tailor the work being done in each neighborhood to meet its specific needs. The ultimate mission is community-wide change that empowers residents to revive their neighborhood and enhance their quality of life.

Neighborhood Revitalization at Habitat Charlotte

Habitat Charlotte started to implement NRI in 2011, and spent many months selecting a partner neighborhood. In 2012 Habitat Charlotte officially partnered with West Charlotte's Reid Park after reviewing multiple variables, including: 1) which neighborhoods held potential for big impact based on land available for building and owner-occupied homes for repairs, 2) which neighborhoods were receptive to partnering with Habitat Charlotte, and 3) which neighborhoods had an active homeowner association or leadership group.

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