New Homeownership

matching gifts1Habitat Charlotte builds affordable homes and partners with potential homebuyers who demonstrate a need for housing, the ability to pay a no-interest monthly mortgage, and also a willingness to partner with Habitat Charlotte. All potential homebuyers are required to go through our application process. Once approved, applicants must complete "sweat equity" hours (300 hours for households with only one adult and 400 hours for households with multiple adults). Approved applicants are also required to attend a series of homeownership classes designed to prepare them for becoming successful homeowners. Once sweat equity hours are complete and the house is built, applicants are considered official Habitat homeowners and begin making full and timely payments on their interest-free mortgage.

green house1Since its formation in 1983, Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte has served more than 1,500 families in over 40 neighborhoods throughout the community. As part of our mission, we work closely with neighborhoods, their associations, and local leaders to create sustainable development projects that focus on the best interest of the entire community.

Collectively, Habitat Charlotte homeowners have paid more than $14 million back into the community in property taxes since 1983.

To learn more about a homeownership opportunity, please call 704.716.7065.