Current Advocacy Actions

Your voice matters! By selecting one of these actions, you'll be taken to a page where your elected officials' contact information will be populated based on the zip code you enter. You can either personalize the message or send it as is. We thank you for being an advocate for affordable housing in our city, our state and our country! 

Current Actions

advocacy-photo-citycouncilThank City Council for Supporting Habitat Charlotte

Please thank our City Council members and Mayor for their support of our new homebuilding efforts by providing down payment assistance to our homeowners. Thank them also for their support of our Critical Home Repair program by providing CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds that enable us to preserve the existing affordable housing stock for low income families in Charlotte.


advocacy-photo-NCHFAThank NC Legislators for Supporting NC Housing Finance Agency & Habitat Charlotte

Please thank our North Carolina State Legislators and North Carolina State Senators for their support of the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency which supports Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the entire state through the "Self Help Housing Loan Pool" and "System Vision" Energy Efficiency Grants. 


advocacy-photo-americorpsTell Congress to Stand for Habitat Families

Please write to your Congressional representatives and senators in Washington and encourage them to support the federal programs that support our new home applicants and the families who receive critical home repair in our community.