Advocate for Affordable Housing in Charlotte

Don't Hesitate to Advocate!

Habitat Charlotte's mission statement is, "Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope." And while Habitat has built or repaired more than 1,600 homes locally, and more than 1,300 globally, we can't solve the current need for affordable housing in Charlotte by ourselves. That is why we challenge governments, faith communities, corporations and volunteers to raise their voices and their hammers in support of affordable housing here and around the globe. Join us in building a movement to eliminate poverty housing from our neighborhoods and communities. Take the next step and become an Advocacy Ambassador by signing up for future email alerts here. You can also take action now on our current advocacy efforts!

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the action of supporting a cause or proposal to change systems, structures, policies or attitudes.
It is calling on someone with power to take action on behalf of a cause. That power can derive from different sources — from an elected or legal mandate, or from popular support and the strength of numbers.

Why Should I Advocate?

Awareness of the issue must be combined with action in order to bring about lasting change. Public policy must be shaped to sustain change within institutions. That means becoming informed about housing issues, calling and writing elected officials and, of course, voting.

How Does Habitat Charlotte Advocate?

As an organization, Habitat Charlotte does not endorse specific candidates or political parties. We support broad-based and practical policy solutions that offer the best chance of producing and preserving the largest number of affordable homes for Charlotteans. We work in partnership with more than 200 faith-based, educational, civic and business groups to build common ground for housing justice for all in Charlotte.

What Does Habitat Charlotte Advocacy Look Like?

Habitat Charlotte encourages volunteers and advocates to make their voices heard online, on paper and in person, and includes sending emails through our Take Action efforts, and participating in special advocacy events.